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Have you been needing change? Thinking about designing a space but don't know where to start? Feeling overwhelmed? Mosaic Design is here to answer all of your questions. Let's chat about the scale of your project, budget, timeline and overall vision. Getting started is easy. Contact us today to get the ball rolling.

our commitment


Mosaic Design is committed to providing an easy and enjoyable transition from point A to point Z. Let us help you create a space designed specifically for you and your family. We don't renovate spaces, we transform them. Intrigued? Let’s unpack what the process looks like from inquiry to execution, and beyond.



Let's get to know each other a bit better and ensure we are the right match for your project. Then let's meet on site so you can share with us what you like, what inspires you, what aspect of your space you currently enjoy and what you are looking to achieve in the overall outcome. During this time, we will also be studying the entire feel of your space to ensure a fluid relationship between what we will be adding and what is existing. The more we can learn about yourself, your family and your space, can only lead to a more fulfilling and accurate design.

The Work


Based on the direction that comes out of our collaborative consultation meeting, we will create a full design vision board that reflects the overall look and feel we’ve established for your space. This can include photos of  design inspiration, colour schemes and paint selections, flooring, tile suggestions, millwork photos etc. This is were we stretch the creative boundaries to show you options you may not have thought of.

Carpenter Leaning on Piece of Wood



With the help of our hand picked trades people, we have created the perfect team to complete your project from top to bottom. Have your own trades that you would like to use? No problem! We are here to help manage your project and ensure everything moves along smoothly and on time.


On the road to completion! A space is not complete without all of the finishing details. From furniture selections and area rugs to wall art and accessories. Every piece matters and we will help you reach your goal of customized living, made just for you.

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